The most effective way to identify and manage cyber risk.

Creating a secure business is not about replacing part of your business with security functions. It’s about adopting security as part of your business operations, as you do any other business function, and SPECTRUM gives you all of the tools and analysis you need to do so.

From Board Room reporting:

PCI - Enterprise Level Results #2 (1)

To work group priorities:

PCI - Requirement Detail #2 (1)

With SPECTRUM, your security will no longer be a mystery, but a business function that can be measured, discussed across all levels of leadership, and most of all depended upon.

  • Base your analysis on your industry standards allowing you to have a common language to discuss strengths and weaknesses.
  • Plan your short and long term security future.
  • Give leadership a nonbiased focus point for communication and investment in cyber security.
  • Understand cyber risk for insurance parameters.
  • Allow you to show where your security investments have paid off and where more is needed.
  • Give your board a reporting structure that is understandable and represented as a business priority.
  • Provide a starting strengths and weaknesses baseline for a newly appointed CEO, CFO, CIO, CRO, CISO or anyone tasked with protecting a company.
  • Bring all of the elements of security to one focus point for leadership and prioritization.

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