Mergers and Acquisitions Cyber Due Diligence

SPECTRUM, along with our Rapid Discovery Methodology, is the ideal tool for identifying cyber strengths and/or weaknesses, giving you operational insight at a glance.

Deep Run understands the delicate balance between the need for speed within the due diligence cycle and risk of overlooking cyber weaknesses or missing the recognition of strengths. The Deep Run M&A engagement quickly brings the focus of the cyber due diligence into context and iteratively gives an increasingly detailed view of details necessary for informed decisions.

Built on the specific industry standards:

M&A Rapid Discovery

A targeted and rapid clarity of strengths and weaknesses.

M&A Due Diligence

Multilevel views that give increasingly detailed analysis.

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  • Rapid Discovery – SPECTRUM M&A provides rapid analysis of cyber strengths and weaknesses
  • Visibility – heat map results across requirements and guidelines
  • Experts – Combining industry experts with a methodology and analysis portal for identifying, quantifying and communicating “operational cyber risk”
  • Multiple Layers – Executive to “work group” levels of detail