The Deep Run Ethos:

From our inception, Deep Run has focused on fixing what is missing in cyber security that creates the current record of lost information. The current cyber weaknesses are predominantly not in the technology on market. History has shown the weakness to be in how businesses are managing their cyber risk beyond the technology.

We believe the key to being secure is the joining of the technical aspects of cyber security with the people and processes (operations) to create a complete strategy that goes beyond the traditional IT controls and is inclusive of operational risk management and compliance.

We provide our customers a cyber risk offering steeped in years of business experience and real world knowledge of what it takes to keep a company secure. As a result of our desire to make our customers secure, and influenced by our experiences of leading business risk management, we created the SPECTRUM risk management portal and methodologies. With SPECTRUM you can quickly recognize risk as well as manage resources and budgets to best minimize security threats. Through SPECTRUM, Deep Run is a leading provider of risk management services for retail, healthcare, finance, hospitality and higher education.

Deep Run maintains a close relationship with our customers and are extremely protective of all aspects of their business. We do not list, or discuss, our customer base or partnerships outside of our respective customer relationships. We proudly arrange customer references as requested.


“Cyber risk management is not the learning of technology, but the training of business leadership to affect cyber security.”

– Gary Merry, Founder and CEO Deep Run Security

Deep Run is led by a team of seasoned cyber and risk management executives.  We believe a key component to being successful in cybersecurity is having the experience of working within a business industry.  Our team has been in the position of having the responsibility of securing an enterprise.  We look at the challenges of cyber risk management through the eyes of our customer and bring that experience and know how to every engagement.