Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

May the best of your past, be the worst of your future.”

I recently attended the RSA security conference in San Francisco. Several things struck me as appropriately “St. Paddy’s worthy.” All of the right characters were there: rainbows, leprechauns, imagination and of course promises of pots of gold.

The first impression when you ride down the 100 meter escalators is that Security is Big Business! So big that the security galaxy has become full of planets so large that more is eclipsed in their shadow than is being shined upon by the Sun. I was even made aware of an alternate universe where I attempted to speak with a security prince who fashioned themselves too much of a published star to actually believe there was value in speaking, or worse, listening, to someone outside of their own consciousness as I was ever so gently screened by “their guy” – for the record, and in stark contrast, the last time I was screened was at a Frank Zappa concert, which ended with Frank reaching across and pulling us to him and a photo that is one of my lifetime prized possessions. I guess this “prince” is not aware of the current security trend.

I attended sessions where the employee was the suspect, others where yesterday’s technology was the villain, and still others that simply promised to point you directly to a pot of gold. A seemingly endless cycle of technologies that do everything and promise to change the current security score card.

One of the most interesting things to swirl into my mind while pinballing my way through the booth megalopolis was that regardless of the vastness of the starting points, or the complexities of the data, or the leprechaun’s three questions, the end point is still here with us. Humans. As rainbow droplets are to our eyes and Mandelbrots are to our imagination, finding treasure at the end of our journey will always require human insight and visibility. In fact, humans are the pot of gold. Everything else is just directional and preparatory to our oversight and leadership.

At Deep Run, we focus on the people and processes and join them with the technology. We believe maintaining consistent and strong leadership to be equal to consistent and strong technology, and often refer to ourselves as a C-Suite Security company. I learned a lot about new and exciting technology at RSA, and believe a better future is ahead. But we at Deep Run believe it is essential for the word leadership to be as prevalent as the word mathematics (a word I believe I heard a hundred times in my five-day attendance).

In keeping with the deep tradition of Irish wisdom on St. Paddy’s Day, I decided the appropriate thing to conclude with was a limerick:

Avoid the Leprechaun, the Irish are told
He’ll trick and fool you to be bold
Keep you from leading
Until you are bleeding
Only a leader, can find you gold!



– Gary Merry, CEO